Friday, 29 November 2013

A Better planning system - now there's a novel idea

It's that time again - every few months in the UK media we hear about how our broken planning system is endangering the future supply of sand and aggregates. The latest article has appeared on the Agg-Net website following a report from the Mineral Products Association.

For how long can all the industry bodies keep producing report after report detailing this real threat before something is actually done about it? Government makes all the right noises about trying to support businesses during the recovery but if we look at the evidence - instead of the soundbites - there is nothing being done to address this issue.

With the industry on the upward curve again after a very tough period surely the very least we can expect is for those we charge with responsibility for ensuring that we all have the opportunity to prosper and grow to demonstrate some action and fix a broken planning system.


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